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Coaching approach

To make coaching a success, the relationship between you and me has to be a fit. Therefor each project starts with a personal face-to-face dialogue. Just give me a call.

Coaching certification

 We are certified coaches who have completed extensive training. Regardless of the coaching training, the value system of the International Coach Federation is the basis of our services for us.



The International Coach Federation is the largest and most important coaching association worldwide. Among the many offers and training opportunities, particular emphasis is placed on the values on which coaching is based. We are committed to these values.

Scientific personality analyzes

In addition to the personal interview, we consider personality analyzes to be useful. In this way, impressions of the conversation can be underlined or, if necessary, questioned. It is also a good basis for talking about your strengths, driving forces and motivators. We primarily use the "REISS Motivation Profile" because it provides a differentiated picture of the client's driving forces.


The "REISS Motivation Profile" determines your personal fingerprint from 16 life motives. This way you get to know each other better and in the future you can better assess what you are burning for and what you have to work hard for, but also where you may have your limits.

360 ° survey

How are you seen by your team, peers, superiors and other groups (customers, investors, press, business partners, works or supervisory boards, ...) and what options for action result from this.


We do not use a "survey tool" but speak personally to the people whose feedback is important to you. This creates a result that allows a much more differentiated picture than when filling out a questionnaire. The survey is always carried out personally by the coach.

Mindfulness and Inclusion

The company culture, which values mindfulness, tolerance and inclusion, has not only been a success factor for the company since the MeToo movement (because it can attract the best applicants) but also for managers (who want to be successful in the future)


With the MARC program, the non-profit organization "Catalyst" has laid the basis for cooperation within the company, but also far beyond that, based on high ethical values. Many companies are members of Catalyst and implement the programs. At DELL, the entire management was trained on MARC worldwide.

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