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Jürgen Renz

Business executive in the IT industry with many years of sales experience in international and owner-managed companies as a management consultant, managing director, CEO and vice president. 

I founded in 2021 as Part-Time-Job and since 2023 Full-Time.


I am happily married for more than 35 years, have two grown up daughters and several close friends. In addition to my professional interests, I am playing piano (unfortunately not as good as I would), read a lot and do a variety of sports. My wife and I have been involved in an orphanage in northern Thailand for more than ten years.


During my professional life I was able to gain a wide range of experiences, have seen ups and downs myself and met many impressive personalities. Many employees were challenged and supported by me as a mentor, over 200 managers are currently being trained on the subject of mindfulness and in spring 2020 I was able to complete the coaching training to become a systemic coach.


The coaching training is a great way to round off my experience to support managers and shareholders in becoming successful as an individual.

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