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Back on track

It's not going so well right now. You feel overworked, irritable, have just lost your job or have a crisis in your private life. You are listless and do not know what to do next.


The " Back On Track " offer supports you on your way out of the crisis and at the same time lays the foundation for you to learn how to deal with similar situations in the future.


A coaching approach is chosen that accompanies you very closely in the process, starts with weekly sessions and supports you in building your resilience.

Your next step

You have accepted a new challenge and want to make the most of the first 100 days. You are thinking about a new strategy and are looking for a sparring partner who will honestly give you their opinion, or you are looking for a coach who will accompany you over the long term.


With increasing responsibility, there are also increasing demands on your personality. With the " Your Next Step " offer, you will be given specific support in implementing this challenge.


A mixed mentoring and coaching approach is chosen. Mentoring because you rightly expect that you will receive an honest opinion and that you will benefit from our experience.


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The Inspiring Leader

Maybe you are already an "Inspiring Leader" or at least you know one. I understand this to mean personalities who have both feet on the job, have a full private life with family and friends, cultivate their hobbies and take on social responsibility. Your value system is shaped by tolerance and mindfulness.


The “ The Inspiring Leader ” offer aims to develop your entire personality. For this purpose, your environment is questioned and you get to know your strengths and weaknesses. You define your personal value system and know what motives you are driven by. You will be accompanied in the short, medium and long term so that you can fully develop your personality.


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The winning team

Business success depends primarily on people. In order to form a team of excellent individual players into a powerful team and to keep it permanently motivated, not only the coach is required, but the common values ​​must also be lived.


The aim of the " The Winning Team " offer is to make you and your team successful. For this purpose, the individual team members, you as the trainer and the underlying corporate culture are examined in detail ... and then the work begins for everyone.


Individual and team coaching methods are used to create your high-performance team.

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