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The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist hopes that he will turn soon, the realist directs his course."

Sir William Ward


You are a manager or managing director and would like to develop professionally and personally, or are you looking for a sparring partner to implement your strategies? stands for bonum, melius, optimum (Latin for good, better, best) and offers coaching for executives by executives.


As a long-term manager, I know the current, diverse challenges from my own experience and through my training as a systemic coach I also have the prerequisites to support you in your professional and private goals.


I look forward to meeting you.

Our services

I offer coaching concepts for specific life situations and work with you to tailor them to your needs.

Back on track

Things are not going well for you at the moment. You have just come to terms with a turning point in your professional or private sphere and are looking for support to look forward again.

Your next step

You have accepted a new challenge and would like to set the first course in 100 days or you are looking for an experienced business manager as an external sparring partner.

The inspiring leader

You want to develop your (leadership) personality further. The focus is not only on professional success, but on your values, strengths and motives that you want to develop.

The winning team
Sustainable team success is based on different personalities but the same values. Together with you and your team, we develop the basis for your success.


"If you don't dream of flying,

no wings grow on it. "

Robert Lerch


"It is not enough to want to fly, you also have to plan the landing."

Brigitte Fuchs

Jürgen Renz


I founded to offer coaching for executives by executives.


When I look back on my own carreer and the professional experience of colleagues, some mistakes could have been avoided or other results could have been achieved more quickly with the right coach.


I am convinced that "Inspiring Leaders" make a significant contribution that each individual can develop his or her skills better and that society as a whole becomes that little bit better.

With I want my contrto contribute to this idea.

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